Chris Reid

Chris Reid ChFC® grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he still resides with his family. When he graduated high school Chris’ passion for helping his community led him to join the Marines. After 4 years of active duty Chris joined the reserves and ultimately retired after 20 years of service. During that time Chris graduated with honors from Gonzaga University, became a police officer, and ultimately started Presidio Financial Group to carry on his mission of helping those around him. Chris earned his Chartered Financial Consultant designation from The American College of Financial Services.

Chris is a fiduciary with a legal obligation to put his clients’ best interest ahead of his own, something he takes seriously, and something he didn’t need to be told to do.

Chris specializes in helping his clients create tax and market loss diversification in their retirement portfolios to create a holistic plan that gives his clients peace of mind. Chris bought his first piece of stock in a company with his paper route money in the 1980s and loves being the one that helps families grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Chris is sure he married up and has the two best kids around.


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