David Van Winkle utilizes his more than 30 years of retirement industry experience to provide planning and guidance for those seeking safe and guaranteed solutions to secure their retirement lifestyles. David has helped thousands of individuals and couples enjoy a worry-free retirement. He has helped these people guarantee their futures and avoid the risks and pitfalls that would endanger their leisure years. His classes attempt to share this knowledge with you. During David’s 30 years of retirement-industry experience, he has been a Vice President of a major Bank and a Vice President at two major insurance companies. All of these positions were in the retirement-services area. He has supervised brokers and agents that provided retirement products to those seeking a secure retirement. He also specialized in creating new guaranteed retirement products to meet the needs for those seeking safe ways to grow and receive their retirement incomes. This has given David a unique background to assist his students to learn about ways of securing a guarantee retirement income as well as providing appropriate amounts of liquidity, while also reducing risk to levels appropriate for these individuals and couples. David hopes that you will join one of his classes on retirement planning. His classes allow you to gain the benefit of working with a knowledgeable professional that can assist you with one of the most important financial decisions in your life. It is very important for you to get retirement “right” the first time, because there is no reset button.


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