Dennis Kagel

Dennis is a life-long resident of the Bloomington-Normal area. He graduated from Octavia High School (Colfax, IL) and acquired his Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois Wesleyan University. He also has a Master’s Degree from Illinois State University. Kagel was voted captain of the Wesleyan basketball team his Junior and Senior seasons. He set a career scoring record (most total career points) during his playing time at Wesleyan where he was a 3-year starting forward. He also was a member of the Wesleyan baseball team for 2 years. Following graduation from IWU, Dennis was a teacher and head coach for 11 years prior to entering the financial services industry full-time. He also is a proud veteran of the military service (U.S. Army) where he was promoted 4 times in a 12-month period. Dennis began his career in the financial services industry in 1976 on a part-time basis. It has been his full-time career since 1983. He has spoken on various financial topics (specializing in retirement planning, investing, and estate planning) at numerous seminars and meetings around the country. He specializes in building, protecting, and preserving assets with a special emphasis on reducing taxes. He is currently licensed to do business in Illinois, and numerous other states. He also has his ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) designation. Says Kagel about his work, “Without a doubt the thing I enjoy most about my profession is working with people. I have always felt I was in a relationship business first, not a product business. People can get some of the same types of plans that we represent elsewhere, but what they can’t get anywhere else is me! I don’t mean that in a big ego way, it’s just that I have always worked hard to give people the type of experience that I would find most beneficial and enjoyable if I were the client. I am committed to giving each of our clients the very best guidance and advice that my 38 years of experience and study can possibly provide. I know they will be hard pressed to find anyone who is more dedicated to their financial well-being and who will do it in a more positive and friendly way than I will. My goal is simple – after meeting with me I want my clients to say two things: ‘Dennis explained things in a way that is easily understood and he is positive and pleasant to work with.” Dennis is married (wife Penny) and has two children, Todd and Stephanie, and six grandchildren.


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