Derrick Miller

Mr. Miller has been involved in the financial services business ever since he graduated from University of Tennessee in 1982. Mr. Miller has decades of experience in finances as well as benefits for employees and insurance as well as estate planning. Mr. Miller has had a wide diverse experience in working with corporate America down to mom-and-pop organizations. He has worked with companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Aetna, as well as working closely with the federal government. Mr. Miller has taught classes in financial planning and estate planning as well as benefits of Social Security tax management at the local university system in North Carolina. He currently is partners with ETPR Investments, which specializes in long term retirement management and Medicare. He is a cancer survivor and plans on working full time with the American Cancer Society in memory of his mother who passed away from cancer. Mr. Miller on a personal note has written a manuscript about his mother, to be published called “Momma’s Boy”, which is a book about his number one all time hero, Dereada Dee Miller.


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