James Whitaker

Retired US Navy Supply Corps Officer. Many years in the corporate world as an IT specialist and manager. Broadened his understanding of business management as a corporate controller. Reinforced that experience with education leading to the award of an MBA and a PhD in business. Successful business owner for over 20 years.

Like most of us Jim had no understanding of where those deductions entitled FICA on our pay stubs go. When he retired from the 9 – 5 routine he decided to learn just what happened to that money. His journey through the mazes of government speak was eye opening. He has embarked on a crusade to help everyone understand the power and weaknesses of the government programs supported by those FICA deductions. He emphasizes that we all share in the responsibility to ensure that the programs are available for our children and their children.

He presents the material in layman’s terms. He keeps the tone light with humor and personal experiences. He insists on audience participation. He enjoys conducting the seminar and works to ensure that you will also have a pleasant and educational experience.


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