Joe Turner NSSA®

Your host for this event, Joe Turner, has 18 years of investment experience advising thousands of clients on all matters related to retirement planning. Joe gathered this experience by creating small boutique investment firms and by working for large brokerage firms like Edwards Jones. During the 18-year journey, he discovered that true diversification does not come from conventional brokerage house advice or the typical investment strategies.

He is the Managing Director of Cornerstone Senior Services and Cornerstone Advisors where true diversification comes from using cutting edge investment strategies that large brokerage firms do not offer to truly diversify and protect YOU from market risk. At Cornerstone, he utilizes the “Endowment Model” and unique strategies tailored to individual needs to neutralize market risk and enhance market gains therefore maximizing retirement income.

In this seminar, you will begin the process of understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Mr. Turner has held or holds these designations: FINRA Series 7, 24, 63 and is one of approximately 1,500 advisors with a NSSA designation (National Social Security Advisor).


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