Kelly Abbott

Kelly Abbott, owner of Abbott’s Advisors, entered the Insurance and annuity industry in 1984 with a driving desire to help others achieve their retirement goals.

He began his career as a Registered Financial Planner with IDS/American Express, a company that worked with clients to help them design and implement a plan of action for their financial futures. As a Registered Financial Planner, Kelly was also in charge of helping clients minimize taxes, prepare for big expenses such as health care and long-term nursing stays, and leave a legacy for loved ones.

Currently serving the communities of Spokane and Seattle, Washington, and Northern Idaho, Kelly holds his life a health insurance licenses in Washington and Idaho. He has been awarded Rookie of the Year by IDS/American Express, the Mercury Award of IDS/American Express for achieving a record number of clients, and was recognized with Mutual of NY Customer Satisfaction award.

Away from the office, Kelly has a passion for sports cars and is a member of the United States Pickelball Association, traveling to several tournaments throughout the year. He lives with his wife, Giana, in Colbert, WA, and together they have a beautiful blended family of six.

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