Kurt Zahner

Hello, my name is Kurt Zahner, a licensed financial fiduciary and president of Retirement Insight 360, a firm that helps clients in the Retirement Red Zone (that five to 10 year period before retirement) and those already in retirement. Why? Because they are now at a moment when they can’t afford to make any big mistakes or get hurt by big market crashes. This approach combines:
• A fiduciary responsibility to putting your interests first
• Working with the clients using innovative technology to create reliable lifetime cashflow roadmap so they are always moving to where they want to be
• A focus on retirement income planning
• Working with hard-to-find private wealth managers who focus on low-risk, low volatility investments with a high probability of success
I thought all advisors would do that, but I’ve learned most don’t!
Clients just want solutions to their challenges that simply work the way they’re supposed to. They want a plan that is safe, simple and secure … with their money in places that are big, strong and safe. That’s what we do.


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