Mac Derakhshani

Mac’s career in the financial arena spans over 38 years. He has provided Wealth Management and Preservation Planning, Business Planning, Estate Planning, Charitable Giving and Retirement Planning, He offers his clients the most comprehensive tax savings/wealth accumulation strategies available in today’s marketplace. Retirement isn’t a rehearsal, and there are no second chances, so we realize you need to get it “right” from the start.

Mac has been assisting people achieve their financial goals. He specializes in the ABC Planning Process and the ABC Planning Model which helps his clients determine how much risk, liquidity and protection they want in their portfolio and income stream.
Mac addresses issues such as fear of outliving their money, Mac has seen unpredictability and swings in market when he was managing a hedge fund in late 1990’s. That caused a paradigm shift in his approach to building nest egg for retirement to move away from market risks to safe money.

One of the most successful pioneers of global investing said that the four most dangerous words of investing are “this time it’s different.” No truer statement has ever been made about Wall Street. The only thing that you can consistently rely on in the financial markets is inconsistency

The long-standing theory of ‘buy and hold’ has become ‘buy and hope’ with little understanding of the risks involved. Hope should never be part of any retirement plan.
Never again would Mac have to utter the Wall Street mantra “Hang in there, the market is coming back, you’re in it for the long haul.

In his free time, Mac enjoys socializing with friends and traveling to new cities. Besides being an adventuresome tourist


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