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For 47 years Mark A. Temmer has specialized in providing planning and guidance for those who are seeking a better lifestyle in retirement. Regardless of what your nest egg is, he can help you make sure it works as hard and as smart as you did in earning and saving it. If you’re a typical American, your retirement could last as long as 30 years, and you simply cannot afford to make mistakes with your retirement money and run the risk of ruining your lifestyle during your leisure years. Mark has helped literally thousands of individuals and couples, at all economic levels, to enjoy a worry-free retirement knowing that their money is safeguarded, plus working hard and smart, and ready for them when needed. He adheres to the principles of conservative investing as well as the principles of accumulation, preservation and distribution. Mark presents informational workshops on various topics including how to Maximize Your Social Security, the ABC’s of Conservative Investing, Wall Street Worries and How Not To Run Out of Money.

Mark and his wife Carole have been married for 52 years and have one son and one grandson. They were born and raised in the St. Louis area. He is on the Board of Directors of The St. Louis BBQ Society and is a Master Judge and trainer. The Society was formed as a charitable organization. The Society has raised and distributed over $70,000 for local charities, families, fallen and wounded police and soldiers.

Mark designs financial strategies to help his clients accumulate money on a tax-favored basis while also achieving the highest net spendable income in retirement that cannot be outlived and without market risk. Not all of your retirement money will be needed at the same time; therefore, you may need to space your investments so they come due when needed, yet retain enough flexibility to take care of an emergency should one arise. Far too many people have all their retirement money in the “market” and exposed to the risk of loss of principal and gains. Certainly, some of your money needs to be in short-term places that give you access without penalty. Some may be able to afford the risk of the market with some of their retirement money, but too much in either place is generally a bad plan.

Mark Temmer can help you deploy your retirement money properly while meeting your liquidity needs and making sure your risk is suitable, at the same time helping you strike a proper balance between the short-term and the longer-term maturities. He can also assist you in making sure you are paying only your fair share of taxes and not one cent more. Additionally, with his help, the income from your retirement money, pension (if you have one), and your Social Security can be perfectly coordinated to assure you a worry-free retirement without fear of running out of money in your lifetime while providing as much tax-free income as possible.CONTACT ME

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