Michael Widlake

Michael Widlake is the president of Commonwealth Guardians and is focused on helping New England residents and their families live out their hard-earned retirement dreams by working together to build successful financial strategies.

Michael’s path toward the financial services industry started in music. Michael’s parents were musicians and taught him early on the joy music brings others. He began playing piano at age 4 and taught himself how to play clarinet at age 10. In High School, he was student director of the big band style jazz band, performing all over the state. He studied piano and French literature at Oberlin College and began his professional career as a musician. He lived and worked in France, Russia and across the U.S.
By the mid-’90s, Michael questioned if music was his true calling for a living a prosperous life. He lived for seeing the joy it brought people and sought a new profession that would impact others as positively. He initially turned to the medical field, seeking inspiration from his godfather, who was his childhood family doctor and also an accomplished amateur musician.

Michael earned a job working at Mass General Hospital in the cardiac surgery department. He actively observed over 100 surgeries and became friends with residents and attending doctors. He was awestruck at the prospect of improving others’ quality of life through the medical field, yet one life-changing lunch conversation stopped him from pursuing medical school. The chief of cardiac surgery asked Michael if he was really ready to handle the stressful schedule of long hours and time away from family life.
That’s when, in 1999, Michael decided to pursue financial services. He instantly realized how his actions could greatly help others achieve a greater way of life. He saw how helping people take control of their financial lives he could substantially help people improve their lives.

In 2002, Michael’s dad called him for advice. He was preparing to retire as a U.S. postal worker, He wanted guidance on his best option for retirement. Michael knew his father to be a smart man, but like so many others, he didn’t know where to turn for financial guidance. Michael considered the options offered by the federal government to help his dad and instantly saw the confusion. The federal government’s retirement offering documents were difficult to follow, even though an unwise decision could lead to potentially damaging results. Finally, Michael’s career path was clear.

Michael became focused on retirement income planning to help individuals and their families pursue their retirement dreams with a secure, laid-out plan for financial success. To him, it combined aspects of his earlier career paths leading toward being a musician, doctor or financial advisor As a retirement income planning professional, Michael now fulfills his lifelong goal of helping others improve their ways of life while forming lifelong relationships with them along the way.
Away from the office, Michael spends most of his time experiencing life with his young son, watching sports and, of course, playing music.


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