Rick Miller

Rick Miller, CPA, MBA has over 20 years of educational experience. His passion is making complicated financial topics easy to understand and apply for all students and those who desire to learn more about their financial options. Rick began his financial services career at a state bank and advanced to become a senior bank officer at a national bank over his 14-year bank career. He earned his financial management licenses in 2007 at the top of the stock market and assisted clients with the after-math of The Great Recession. “The market correction of 2008 devastated many retirees and delayed the plans of those who were wanting to retirement,” explains Miller. “There is absolutely no reason that this needs to happen if students understand the tools that are available to them.” Rick believes in the three unique phases of retirement planning and incorporates these ideals into his classes. Rick resides in Middle Tennessee with his wife, Stephanie and his son, Samuel. Rick is an active Certified Public Accountant in the State of Tennessee. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from David Lipscomb University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Middle Tennessee State University.


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