Robin Reading

Rob Reading has assisted families in accumulating wealth throughout the Detroit area since 1989. He places great importance on distribution planning which can determine how long your money might last, how much tax you may or may not pay and when you’re gone, how much your family might keep of whatever’s left. His areas of experience include social security benefit planning, tax mitigation solutions, retirement income solutions, investments, and legacy planning. Americas Retirement Income Solutions maintains an A+ rating with the BBB and has received 100% positive reviews which can be viewed on the BBB website.

Our Philosophy
We seek to preserve, protect and defend your family’s life savings. Preserve a lifetime sustainable stream of income that you can’t outlive. Protect your account from sudden and unexpected downturns in the markets and to help defend your life savings from the highly confiscatory system of the Internal Revenue Service.

Distribution Planning
Few people have a plan or strategy as to how to take out their money. How do you know how much you can safely withdraw? Are you mitigating taxes in all possible areas? Are you maximizing Social Security benefits? Finally, when you pass on, beneficiaries can easily lose 35 to 80% to Uncle Sam by making common mistakes. These are just a few of the many challenges we’ll address as we work with you to unfold your right solutions.

Tax-Free Retirement
Did you know a law was passed in 1997 that will allow you to create a tax-free retirement? You can reduce and even eliminate income taxes on your retirement income as well as social security income “if” you put the correct strategy in place. Join us for a complimentary meeting to discuss this and many more ideas that can help you!


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