Steven Wise

Beacon has locations in Toledo, OH; Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH and Shelby Township, MI.
Starting in health insurance sales over 16 years ago; working for major carriers Prudential, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Steven saw the changes coming in the health insurance industry and decided he could better serve his customers by becoming an independent broker. Doing so enabled him to offer more carrier choices and benefits to his customers.

As owner and founder of Beacon Associates he has assisted over 3000 Veterans and families execute wealth transfer plans and obtain government benefits in the forms of Medicaid and VA. Beacon holds education classes on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Planning.
Steven is also VP of Sales & Marketing for Atlantis Marketing Solutions. There Steven educates families of Veterans and trains 100 Financial Advisors nationwide on Retirement Planning, Market Risk Mitigation and Wealth Transfer. Steven is also accredited with the National Social Security Advisors.


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