Thomas Zickau

The world we grew up in has forever changed…
We are facing increased uncertainty; whether its retiring with enough money to maintain your lifestyle, worrying about outliving your assets or caring for aging parents, or trying to figure out who to trust in this seemingly cold and “what’s in it for me” world. We face an uncertain market, a tax code that can confuse even the best CPA’s and ever increasing “fine print” on everything from our bank and brokerage statements to our homeowners polices and everything in between.

And I know… you’re looking for answers to all of this, but you’re smart enough to know that there’s not a one size fits all. You’re not looking for a big company to tell you what to do, you’re looking for a partner that will work side by side with you… not hiding the bad and just promoting the good, but giving you the whole story. Someone that will help guide you through many of those uncertainties. If that’s you, then that’s me.

The bottom line is, I want to live in a world where people feel secure, get the lifestyle they deserve, are able to wake up every day worry-free and have the peace of mind they deserve in their financial world.
As an independent, full-service financial planner/firm, we take a holistic approach to your retirement, investment and strategic income planning needs.
You’ve worked hard for years; so I’ll also help you uncover legal, governmental & personal savings, benefits and documents that are owed to you and bring everything together in a way that gives you the added peace of mind knowing all the pieces of your personal plan are there and working properly when you need/want them and that some of that uncertainty… gets put in its place.

During my 22 years helping folks, my uncompromising integrity and no excuses attitude has made me both friends and enemies. Friends with those who believe the simple truth that the client comes first… and enemies with those in the financial industry that instead put themselves first.

This why I believe that…”Honor, Integrity and Loyalty” are not just the cornerstones of how I raise my
daughters, but the very foundation of the relationship we will develop.

When I’m not out slaying dragons in the financial world, I reside in Columbus, Ohio with my wife and two daughters where I enjoy the amazing adventure of raising twin girls (oh my), spending quality time with family and friends, volunteer work with seniors and animals, exploring the oceans as a diver and anything that can keep me outdoors and keep the doors & top off my jeep.


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