Tom Penland

Tom said, “In large part, I owe success to treating others the way I want to be treated.” Further he feels, “The best things I can give to my students are the benefit of my knowledge, honesty, simplicity, and the understanding that we all deserve to make our own choices. We are all different and we don’t all want or do the same things.” Tom is committed to teaching the people that are worried about outliving their money and those that want to know the best ways to pass on their hard earned savings and investments to the people they love and care about the most. Tom grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, as the second oldest of five boys, raised by a loving, single mother and grandmother. He learned the value of family and pitching in. He began working 32 hours per week in the kitchen of the local hospital during his high school years and helped care for his youngest brother while his Mother worked. His financial career began in the early 80’s as a fully registered rep/stock broker, working in the offices of Shearson Lehman Brothers, overlooking Lake Erie. He did very well, achieving the “Rookie of the Year” award his 1st year. His career and client list grew quickly until October 1987 when he experienced his first market crash, as an advisor. He says, “I was naïve. I thought the highly paid analysts really knew something when they told me what to ‘sell’ each morning. My confidence was shaken and over time it all seemed more like a game of chance. I became less comfortable asking people to ‘risk’ their hard earned money.” He made a change, educated himself in ‘safe money’ strategies and principal preservation and moved to California. Tom moved to the Southbay in 1989, where he has been an active member of the community since day one. Tom has two sons; Easton the youngest is in Air Force Intelligence and Canaan, having graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Business and Finance has joined his father’s company as an Investment Advisor Representative. Tom currently lives in Rancho Palos Verdes. Having been in the financial industry almost 30 years, Tom says, “The two most common money mistakes made by the retirement minded are putting all their retirement assets in short term savings and/or unknowingly taking more risk than they can afford. Too much liquidity costs you growth and too much risk exposes you to principal loss that may very well never be regained. He has been providing financial education for many years and enjoys making the seemingly complicated easy. By learning how to apply a combination of safe financial strategies, strategic asset allocation and tactical management, 50 and uppers are able to minimize their tax bite and maximize their spendable retirement dollars. Retirees tend to sleep better knowing their assets are safe and properly structured, according to their personal level of risk tolerance. Tom has come to advocate and follow the two rules of investing as stated by Warren Buffet: Rule #1-Never lose money, Rule #2- Never forget rule #1. Tom has handed down his “Safety First” philosophy to the staff at Greenline Associates, believing that with the state of our current economic and political conditions, most retirees and soon to retire people, cannot afford to lose their hard earned money.


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